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Case Study – Carer Stress

Mr G is 84 years old and has dementia and poor mobility. He lives with his daughter Laura, who is his main carer and Laura’s husband and two young children.

Laura stated that her main worry was her father getting up during the night and having a fall without her knowledge. She also felt that during the day when her father was sat in his chair she could not leave him for any period of time as she had to constantly keep going back into the lounge to check that her father had not got up out of his chair and started to wander.

Laura had become very depressed and started to feel trapped by her father’s condition. She stated that she couldn’t sleep properly as she was constantly listening out for her father getting out of bed and felt that her relationships with the rest of her family were suffering as a result.

Assistive Technology solutions:

  • By installing a care sensor over the bed, a pressure mat placed on the chair and programming it to a carer alert, Laura is now alerted when ever her dad gets up out of his bed or chair.
  • Laura said that she has been able to sit in the garden, something she hasn’t been able to do for some time and it has reduced her anxiety during the night allowing her to have a settled sleep. “The equipment has given me peace of mind and reassurance that should dad leave his bed or chair I will be able to respond immediately, I no longer have to keep checking on him when I need to leave the room”