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Case Study – Dementia

Mrs T is a 72 year old lady who has Alzheimer’s disease. She lives with her elderly husband who is her main carer. Mr T also has health problems but is determined that he wants to look after his wife for as long as possible at home.

Whilst Mrs T manages at home with the support of her husband, Mr T is finding his caring role increasingly stressful, particularly as his wife has gone out of the house on a few occasions when he has gone to the local shops. Mrs T enjoys sitting in the garden and her husband does not want to restrict her enjoying this activity, but he would like to be alerted when his wife has left the house so that he can return promptly to make sure she is safe.

Mrs T sometimes gets out of bed at night and goes downstairs; Mr T wants to be alerted if this should happen.

The fire service have carried out a home fire risk assessment and have identified that Mrs T may not understand the risk to herself if a standard smoke detector is activated.

Assistive Technology solutions:

  • A property exit sensor was provided, which Mr T can activate when goes out to the local shops so he knows if his wife is leaving the property. If he wishes to go further afield the emergency responders are also able to assist. They will be introduced to Mrs T before they are ever required in an emergency, so they know who she is and how to best reassure her.
  • A bed sensor will alert Mr T if his wife is out of bed during the night.
  • A linked smoke detector was installed so that the emergency control centre can call 999 if the detector is activated, as Mrs T appears to be alone on occasions.