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Case Study – Falls

Mrs D is a 72 year old lady who lives alone in her property since her husband passed away 5 years ago. She has always been very independent but has recently started having an increasing number of falls within the property, a couple of which have left her unconscious and she has lay on the floor for a number of hours before being assisted.

Mrs D wants to remain living in her own home but she is becoming increasingly anxious about falling while she is alone in the property and being unable to summon for help. She has a large family who all live relatively close by but they all work full-time and unable to call in on Mrs D during the day. The family are all very concerned about the number of falls that Mrs D has been having.

Assistive Technology solutions:

  • Mrs D was provided with a dispersed alarm unit and a wrist-worn fall detector so that if she has a fall, even if she is unconscious and unable to raise the alarm herself, the Emergency Control Centre will be alerted and will contact somebody to go straight round to the property.
  • Mrs D was also provided with a bed exit monitor so that if she gets out of bed during the night and has a fall when she is not wearing her fall detector, the alarm will still be raised if she does not return back to bed within 20 minutes.
  • Finally, a panic button was installed in Mrs D’s bathroom so that if she has a fall when she is in the bath/shower and may not be wearing her fall detector, she will still be able to summon for help.