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Case Study – Parkinson’s Disease

Joe is 85 years old and lives alone in his own home. His mobility has been deteriorating due to Parkinson’s disease but he is keen to remain living independently. Joe needs to remember to take one of his medications at three specific times of day, which helps him to best control his Parkinson’s disease and reduce his risk of falling. His family are increasingly worried about him living at home.

Assistive Technology solutions:

  • Medication prompting – Joe could be provided with a message prompt system that will alert him that it is time to take his medication.
  • Falls detection – Joe could be provided with a personal alarm to call for help during the day. Panic buttons may also be considered, for example by the shower. In case Joe falls whilst using the toilet at night, a bed occupancy system could be provided which will automatically generate an alert to the emergency control centre and Joe will not be left lying on the floor all night.