Frequently Asked Questions

Are Eldercare’s services affected by COVID-19?

Eldercare would like to reassure customers that our services continue to operate during these unprecedented times.

As part of the health and social care community, our staff are considered ‘key-workers’ as they deliver frontline care and support services to tens of thousands of vulnerable and/or elderly individuals across the country. We are the first point of contact between these individuals and such services as NHS 111 and the emergency services, and we play a vital role in working with the NHS to facilitate services such as hospital discharge.

Our monitoring services continue to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and personal alarms are available for fast-track home delivery for our private customers and can be ordered on-line via this website.

Customer Care Advisers can be contacted by calling 0345 603 4576 (9am – 5pm, Mon – Fri). Although we ask for your patience as our ‘phone lines may be busier than usual. At this time, we recommend contacting us via email info@eldercare.co.uk and an adviser will contact you as soon as possible.

Our thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this pandemic. We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have precautions in place to ensure we can continue to deliver our services, which have never been more critical. As people find themselves having to self-isolate and are less able to physically assist loved ones and vulnerable members of the community, a personal alarm is a lifeline.

Eldercare have been supporting people to live safely and independently in their own homes for over 30 years. We are working hard to continue doing so during these exceptional times.

How is Eldercare's service regulated and by who?

Our service is regulated by the Telecare Services Association (TSA). They ensure that all of our call-handling and mobile response services are delivered to the highest standards at all times. The TSA attend our offices once a year to audit all of our activities and will look at elements such as our response times and staff training records from across the previous 12 months to certify that we have been doing everything as we should have been.

What happens if my equipment develops a fault?

The pendant has batteries which will last for approximately 3-5 years and has an excellent reputation for reliability. If for any reason a fault should develop we will replace the unit or pendant free of charge within 24hrs.

Will my Eldercare alarm unit work if there is a power cut?

Yes. Your Eldercare alarm unit will still work as it has a battery back-up which will power the unit for at least 24 hours. The unit will automatically call through to our control centre a short while after the power supply has been disconnected or if you have a power cut, to alert the operator. This means you will be able to speak to the operator even though the electricity supply is switched off.

Why is the Green or Yellow light flashing on my Eldercare alarm unit?

On some units a Green or Yellow flashing light means that there could be a landline fault or that one of your other phones has been left off the hook.

Why is the red light flashing on my Eldercare alarm unit?

The red light flashes when either a) a call to our control centre is in progress or b) there is a power cut or c) the alarm unit is turned off or d) the alarm unit is unplugged to the power supply.

Do I need to check that my pendant is working?

You need to press your pendant at least once a month to let you and our operators know that your alarm is in good working order.

What happens if I press my Eldercare alarm unit or pendant accidentally?

If you press either button by mistake, don’t worry! Just tell the operator when they speak to you that it is an accidental call and the operator will close the call down.

Can I wear my pendant in the bath?

The pendant we supply is waterproof. The pendant is fine to wear in the shower or bath but should not be fully submerged under water or it may get damaged.

Can I order an extra pendant?

Yes. This is something worth considering if you have someone else living in your home that may also benefit from using the Eldercare alarm service or you would like another one handily placed in another location in the home. There is no extra fee for monitoring, only a charge for the additional pendant. If there is a second service user in the home, you will need to provide their details for our records.

Do I wear my pendant in bed?

You can if you wish. However, be aware that you may accidentally trigger a call through to the control centre whilst asleep. You can consider placing your pendant on your bedside table but remember to take it with you should you need to get up at night.

Can I talk through my pendant?

No. The pendant simply sends a wireless signal to activate the alarm base unit when you are in a different room in your house. However, the microphone in the alarm base unit is extremely sensitive and will enable you to converse normally with our operator even if you are not in its immediate vicinity.

How do I wear my Eldercare Pendant?

We will provide you with the accessories needed to wear your alarm button in a variety of different ways. Your button can be worn as a pendant around your neck, worn on your wrist or clipped to your waistband. You can change the way you wear your button at any time, should you want to.

What happens if I cannot hear you or speak to you?

If we have received a call and do not get a response when we try and speak with you through the alarm base unit, we will telephone you immediately. If you do not respond to that call, the operator will have all the information they need to know where to send help and will contact your nominated key-holders, in priority order, and ask them to visit you and check you are safe and well. If none of your key holders respond, we will then call the emergency services.

What happens when I press the red button on my Eldercare alarm unit or pendant?

When you press the button on your alarm unit or pendant, it sends a wireless signal to your alarm base unit. The unit will pick up the signal whether you are in your home or garden, being operational within 50 metres (164 feet). The base unit then places a call through to an Eldercare care operator at our UK based control centre and alerts them that you need assistance.

When your call is accepted, our computer will display your details to the operator. Your details let the operator know your name, address, doctor, key holders (in priority contact order) and next of kin information as well as any relevant medical information. Our operator will try and talk to you via the loudspeaker and microphone in the alarm base unit to establish what has happened. Even if you are unable to speak to the operator, they are still able to summon the help that you need. They will contact your nominated key-holder (family, friends or neighbours) or the emergency services if you need them. Help will arrive as soon as possible to provide the assistance that you need.

How is the Eldercare alarm unit activated?

There are two ways to activate the Eldercare alarm unit and get help from the control centre:

  1. By pressing the red button on the base unit.
  2. By pressing the button on your pendant or wrist band.
How many key holders do I need to have?

We suggest you have at least two key holders that we can contact if you need assistance who live within 30 minutes of your home. They can be friends, family or neighbours and chosen at your discretion. However, if you do not have anyone living close by that would be happy to be a key holder, then we ask that you have a key safe installed. This is a simple, secure device fitted to an external wall and can only be opened by entering a unique code on the key pad to access the key(s) inside. This will enable emergency services access to your home in the event of an emergency. Eldercare can arrange for a key safe to be supplied and installed.

How is the Eldercare alarm unit installed?

We recommend self-installation, as the units are simple to install and come with easy to follow instructions. The unit simply needs to be plugged into your existing telephone socket and into a nearby electrical socket, and can be located virtually anywhere in your home. It really is that simple.

A friend or family member may assist you or, if you are unsure, you can speak with an Eldercare Customer Care Adviser who will guide you through the instructions. The advisers are available 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday on 0345 603 4576.

Have a question? Give us a call on 0345 603 4576 or send us a message