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Our team is busy making sure you have everything you need

Our team members are committed to making every customer experience the best it can possibly be.

They recognise that choosing assistive technology is a hugely important and personal decision for you and your family to take. It may also be something completely new and choices could be bewildering.

They are ready to help you get started and for the journey ahead.

The service I have received from Eldercare has been excellent. The staff always listen and really fulfill their promise to go the extra mile. Their dedication is excellent.
Joyce, 79, Wrexham

Meet the team on the ground


Sara Customer Service Advisor

Talking to prospective new clients over the telephone as a Customer Service Advisor gives Sara a great deal of satisfaction.

“Sometimes the enquiry is from a relative who’s quite desperate to help their loved one. You can almost hear the relief when they realise how our pendant alarm service can support them. You feel that you have provided real ‘peace of mind’ for the whole family”.

People are often surprised at the range of services and assistive equipment that’s available. “I find that I am offering advice to people of all ages, as our services are valuable to many who may be vulnerable for a variety of reasons”.

“When people thank me for having found a way to stay in their own home and not have to move into residential care, I go home thinking that I have done something really worthwhile”.

Being a parent of two young boys, Sara continues to care and advise once she reaches home. 


Pete Technical Support Advisor

Pete worked as a Control Centre Operator before turning his skills to being a Technical Support Advisor. “That experience is invaluable as I have a good understanding of how to speak to our service members and keep instructions simple over the end of a telephone.”

As Technical Support Advisor for Eldercare Pete is responsible for ensuring our clients and family members have the support they need when a problem occurs. “It is inevitable that somewhere down the line a client will require assistance from initial set-up of the equipment to programming pendants. My favourite common enquiry at the moment is “my units been struck by the lightning due to the storms”. Using a pendant alarm and other equipment is alien to many of our clients, so being able to help them get back up and running is a rewarding feeling”.

When not at work, Pete is a family man with three kids and a love of football; being player/manager of an adults’ team and coach to an under 13s junior team.


Christine, Stella & David Control Centre Operators

Being a Control Centre Operator brings both significant responsibility and personal rewards.

“When we receive a call, it is an alert to tell us that someone is in need of urgent help. It can be a very worrying and distressing time, so it’s important to be able to comfort and reassure them that help will be on its way, no matter what time of the day or night. When they hear a calm voice who can take control of the situation, it really helps.”

“Most people don’t want to trouble even their family or friends. But that’s what we are there for – we’re waiting to take their call when they need us.”

“When someone needs assistance and you get help to them, it’s very satisfying. That’s the thing that is most enjoyable about the job – helping people”.


Beverly Emergency Responder

As an Emergency Responder, Beverly knows that the reason she is visiting someone is because Eldercare has been alerted that they are in need of urgent help.

“I always think of myself as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the family. When entering someone’s home, I am trained to quickly assess the situation and the risk that person may be in. If a doctor or emergency services are needed, I will send for them immediately”.

“Most people don’t want to be a ‘bother’ and I tell them that they are never a bother to me. Getting people the help that they need is my job. Generally, they like me to take control of the situation and make decisions on their behalf and I have the time to devote to understand what that may be. I can also tell the family that their loved one is safe whilst physically being with them. That’s extra reassuring.”

Beverly enjoys her role so much that her daughter has also become an Eldercare Emergency Responder. 


Ken Technical Engineer

Ken installs, maintains and repairs assistive technology equipment in the North West of England.

“People can be apprehensive about having the equipment as they are worried about how they will get on with the technology. Over half my job is giving people the confidence that they can manage. When we meet, I like to make them laugh and put them at ease. Relatives often thank me, saying ‘my mum didn’t want this, but you made her feel totally relaxed and now she is happy’. By the time I leave, they are asking me when they will see me again.”

When Ken is not busy with his job, he likes making the most of living in Lancashire and being near some of the most picturesque places to walk and admire steam trains.

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Amanda Carer

To Amanda, being a carer means far more than simply ‘earning a living’. The rewards that come from helping people seem priceless. Whilst approaching her role with professionalism, there is a bond that builds up by visiting clients on a regular basis.

“You get to understand people’s needs. The structure and routine that comes from visiting people on a regular basis means that you become a familiar, dependable face. Sometimes, you may be the only visitor that someone sees in a day. So that means you leave your own troubles at the door and try to make that person smile and, hopefully, have a giggle. When someone tells you that you have ‘made their day’, that’s a feeling you cannot buy”.

When Amanda is not caring for her clients, she looks after her teenage son and is a trained Holistic Therapist.