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Safety Confirmation - No need to worry, I'm okay

In addition to emergency monitoring we also offer 'light touch' services that enable you to confirm that you are okay each day and simply going about your daily living. We liken it to the way that we used to signal to our neighbours that we were up and about by taking our milk bottles off the step each morning. These services are discreet ways of providing reassurance and peace of mind to family and friends that all is safe and well that fit your lifestyle and do not require you to wear an alarm. There are a variety of different services for you to choose from and all complement our emergency monitoring services.


Courtesy Call

We can call you each day between the hours of your choosing to check that everything is OK. Again, it is only in the event that we cannot reach you that we would inform your chosen contacts, in case you are in need of assistance. All you need is a telephone – either landline or mobile.

Check and Go

With this service, you simply press a button to confirm that you are okay. You control how often you want to confirm your safety by 'checking in'. Most people prefer to do this each morning and evening. There is no need to even speak to anybody as the 'check-in' is automatic and takes seconds. Once you have pressed the button to tell us that you are safe, you have the freedom to get on with your day without having to wait around for someone to call you. It is only in the event that we do not hear from you by the time that you have agreed that we will contact you to make sure that everything is all right. If we cannot confirm your well-being then we will inform your chosen contacts - neighbours, family or friends - in case you are in need of assistance.

Lifestyle Monitoring

Discreet sensors – NOT cameras - can be fitted around your home that automatically signal to us that you are safely up and about. No-one is seen or heard, but we are able to tell that normal routines are happening – for example, the fridge door has been opened, the kettle has been switched on, the bathroom door has been opened etc. Information from the sensors can be accessed by family members on their laptops, computers or mobile devices. However, this unobtrusive background monitoring also allows us to spot when normal routines are not being followed and we can alert family or friends that something out of the ordinary has occurred.

The equipment is easy to install, system set-up is straight-forward and manufacturers offer 30 day money back guarantees.

It is such a helpful system for all the family and helps reassure us on a daily basis. Phone calls are now more about a nice conversation and catch up rather than checking in to see if he is ok and worry if he doesn't answer the phone.
KH, East Lothian - Canary Care system user

How much does it cost?

Getting started

If you are interested in finding out more about our safety confirmation services and how they may be able to help you, then call a member of our customer service team on 0345 603 4576 for an informal and confidential chat about your personal circumstances.
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