ec carers helpinghand

A helping hand

If you are a carer, we appreciate how difficult and demanding this role can be at times and there are ways that we may be able to help.

Assistive technology can be useful - creating alerts should the person you care for either need assistance or wander away unexpectedly.

Alerts can warn both the carer and ourselves that action is needed, forming a truly robust approach to care.

We offer solutions that work both inside and outside the home – using a variety of proven and unobtrusive technology.

Showing you care – Carry our Carer’s Card

If someone depends upon you to care for them, it can be worrying if something happens to you unexpectedly, for example, if you fall ill or have an accident. If you are registered to our Carer’s Card service, you can be reassured that we can be contacted and, in turn, we can ensure that the person you care for will get the help and support they need.