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A Flexible Approach

We understand that, when it comes to technology, a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work.

We know that in order to deliver a personalised service to the client that reflects and responds to their needs and wishes, there has to be flexibility in the selection of the equipment used and supplied.

Eldercare works with a wide variety of different manufacturers to ensure that we can always source the best possible piece of equipment to meet an individual’s needs.

Our fundamental principle of focusing on person-centred solutions where possible means that we extend our understanding of alternative solutions constantly.

This approach of ‘keeping abreast with technology’ in the wider market means that we are able to disseminate this to our customers if they wish to engage in this process.

A Wide Range of Technology

As new technology developments are released into the marketplace, Eldercare is dedicated to trialling and implementing, when appropriate, the most suitable and effective equipment for our clients.

We currently use a wide variety of equipment including safety confirmation, lifestyle monitoring, GPS tracking devices and more complex daily living technologies.

We also use an extensive variety of other, reasonably low-cost solutions that provide support, safety and reassurance for vulnerable individuals living in their own homes.

Whilst I was clear on what I wanted to achieve, I did not know where to start to find a solution. Eldercare did all the leg-work for me. They found something that suits my needs perfectly. They even hand-delivered it to my door and have been on-hand to help me get to grips with the technology.
John, 85, London