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A simple and time-efficient, quality service

We provide a fully managed service to assist organisations in their telehealth provision.

We offer installation, maintenance, clinician and patient training on a wide variety of telehealth solutions.

We assist organisations in their project planning and marketing of their service to encourage patient and clinician buy-in.

Simple and time-efficient quality service

Our experienced team provide a non-clinical, or technical, triage service, hosted on a variety of platforms.

This ensures that using telehealth services are as simple and time-efficient for clinicians as possible.

Our telehealth services are fully accredited to the TSA’s Telehealth Code of Practice

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They (Eldercare) are so friendly. It’s a lovely feeling to know that you are not on your own...They ring me up and we have a little chat and have a laugh and a joke. It’s that break when I haven’t seen anybody all day...They are doing things to make my life easier
Glenys, 85, Lancashire