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Personal Alarms with Monitoring

Peace of mind at the touch of a button

For older people living on their own, it’s vital to have a lifeline that can bring you help when you need it in a hurry. This is especially true in these challenging times when you may need to send a medical alert should you feel unwell. Our personal alarm service is designed to do exactly that. We’re on hand at any time, day or night, ready to step in and help you when your loved ones need help most.

Helping Eldercare’s personal alarm users and their families through the crisis

Eldercare’s personal alarm users and their families have free access to independent, expert care advice. The service covers all aspects of care and is providing up to the minute information on care during the current crisis, including Government policy on care, discharge from hospital and social isolation.

Also, with our 21 day returns period and 4 weeks free alarm monitoring, you can trial our personal alarm service without worry. It’s also comforting to know that 98% of service users would recommend our service to others (2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey, 1047 respondents)

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Effective, super-efficient and easy to live with

The way our personal alarm service works couldn’t be more straight-forward. Mum, Dad or relative wears an unobtrusive personal alarm, either as a pendant around their neck, as a wrist-band or clipped to their waistband.

But however it is worn, the important thing is that they can press a button should they fall, feel unwell or anxious and be in need of help.

What happens when the alarm button is pressed?

When the button is pressed it sends a signal to the base unit that’s connected to the telephone. The range is up to 50 metres, so it works anywhere in the home or garden. The base unit, which has an alarm button of its own, calls our Emergency Response Centre to alert us that help is needed.

Three simple steps...

Eldercare Personal Alarm
Button is pressed
Eldercare Operator
Call goes to operator
Eldercare assistance
Help is sent
Over 97% of calls answered within 60 seconds

Over 97% of calls are answered within sixty seconds (our lines are always open) and your loved one can speak directly to the operator via a two-way speaker in the base unit. But if that’s not possible for any reason, we’ll still be able to help.

No phone numbers to remember or dial

We’ll know who they are, where they live and who they would like to come and help them, because we’ll have already agreed a prioritised list of family, friends, neighbours or voluntary organisations who can provide help within 30 minutes. So we’ll be able to arrange help immediately, including the emergency services if they’re needed.

How do we get started?

It’s easy. All you need is a working telephone landline with an electrical power socket close by and details of the people you’d like us to contact when help is needed. (If there’s no working landline don’t worry. We can still fit you up with an effective alarm. Ask for details.)

You can apply on-line, complete a postal application form or give your details over the phone to one of our Customer Care Advisers. We’ll get you up and running straight away, often within 24 hours.
You could be up and running within 24 hours

Once we have your order, your alarm system will be delivered by post, usually arriving the next working day. The alarm units are simple to install, come with easy-to follow instructions and can be working within minutes. Whilst we may not be able to offer home visits by engineers to install alarm’s or key safes during the current crisis, speak with an adviser and we will give you the support you need to get your alarm up and running.

What will your alarm service cost?

For the safety and reassurance it offers, our personal alarm service is not expensive. You can choose the payment option that’s right for you. There are no hidden charges, the price includes the personal alarm button and base station and 24/7 year round monitoring, and the equipment is guaranteed.

Your options Initial Cost On-going
weekly cost
PURCHASE Buy the alarm button
& base station
£157.00 £1.63 BUY NOW
RENTAL Option A £39.99 £2.69 BUY NOW

Prices exclude VAT. Many of our customers do not need to pay VAT for health reasons.

Order today and get the first month free

Quote voucher code OL15 at the on-line check-out or call our Customer Care Team on 0345 603 4576


Expert care advice. Free to personal alarm users and their families

When you’re new to it, finding care can be frustrating and confusing at the best of times. However, during the current coronavirus crisis, there are additional pressures. You need solutions now and with an eye to the future. Please do not worry alone. Eldercare can help you each step of the way, with advice and guidance about every aspect of finding the care you and your loved ones need. For anyone using our personal alarms, this invaluable service comes free with our compliments.

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Keeping safe with a key safe

Even if your loved ones have good friends and neighbours nearby, it’s a good idea to get a key safe, so there’ll always be an accessible key outside the house. Then if the door’s locked and a loved one needs help, the appropriate people can get in.

Our key safes are police approved and lock with a unique code that you hold and that our operators can give to validated individuals or the emergency services if and when required.

Whilst we may have to temporarily suspend home visits by engineers to install key safes during the current crisis, please speak with an adviser and we will be in touch as soon as our installation service is back up and running.

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Extra support when there’s no-one to help nearby

If your loved ones don’t have close neighbours or friends and family nearby, in certain parts of the UK, we can fill the gap by providing you with a fast and effective emergency response service.

Our emergency responders are trained to deal sympathetically with sensitive and emergency situations, and can usually be with your loved ones within half an hour of them pressing their personal alarm button and alerting us that they need help – often saving the need for calling out an ambulance unnecessarily.

Our responder service is still operating during the coronavirus crisis. As key workers, they continue to deliver frontline care and support services to tens of thousands of individuals across the country. They are often the first point of contact- often saving the need for calling out an ambulance and a loved one being admitted into hospital unnecessarily.

Find out if we have responders in your area:
We operate in your area, contact us now to find out more.
We are sorry however we don't yet operate in your area.

For more information call us 0345 603 4576 or email

We support tens of thousands of people across the UK

Our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre takes over a million calls a year

A quick and appropriate response always on hand

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