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pendant alarms

Personal Alarm with Monitoring
Plus Free Expert Care Advice

A personal alarm enables you to let us know that you need help. You do this by pressing your personal alarm button that can be worn as a pendant around the neck, as a wrist-band or clipped to your waistband and we will be alerted immediately.

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Designed to support independent living, these products may form part of a recommended emergency products and services package. Please contact a Customer Care Adviser on 0345 603 4576 for a free assessment or to discuss suitability

Activity Sensors

activity sensor alarm

Bed Exit Monitor

bed exit monitor

Carer Pager

info pager

Eldercare Alarm Unit

alarm unit

Enuresis Sensor

enuresis sensor

Epilepsy Sensor

epilepsy sensor

Fall Detector

fall detector

Flood Detector

flood detector


personal tracker

Gas Detector

gas detector

Heat Detector

heat detector

Medication Dispenser

medication dispenser


Property Exit Monitor

property exit monitor

Smoke Detector

smoke detector