Pendant Alarm (Hired) with Monitoring

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Equipment (alarm base + 1 pendant)

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Other payment options are available. Monitoring charges are payable quarterly in advance. The alarm unit may vary from the one illustrated.

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A pendant alarm enables you to let us know that you need help. You do this by pressing your personal alarm button that can be worn as a pendant (or worn on the waist or clipped to a waistband) and we will be alerted immediately.

Even if you press your button but cannot speak to us for whatever reason, we will still know who you are, where you live and who you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency and we will do all we can to get you that help immediately. You do not even have to dial a telephone number. Your pendant alarm will even alert us if pressed whilst in your garden (as the pendant and unit are operational within 50 metres (164 ft) of each other). The Emergency Control Centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we are always there to answer your alert and get you the help that you need.

You will be supplied with an alarm base unit and an alarm button that you wear upon your person. If there are two of you in the house that would benefit from the service, you can purchase an additional personal pendant so that you are both able to wear an alarm button.

The alarm base unit (that receives the signal from your button) needs to be plugged into a telephone socket and a nearby electrical socket.

We ask you to make sure that your alarm is in good working order by making regular test calls.

Once we receive your order and essential information to provide a monitored service (e.g. we have details of who we can contact in the event of an emergency) your alarm will be delivered by post, usually arriving by the next working day and within three working days.

The unit is easy to install and comes with easy to follow instructions. With simple and straight forward guidance, most people can be up and running in minutes. However, in the event that you have difficulty getting set up we’ll be happy to offer you practical assistance wherever you are.

We have a technical support help-line (available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday T: 0345 603 4576) and our technicians can guide you through the installation. Alternatively, if you would rather have an engineer, we can arrange this for you, with speed and cost of installation depending upon where you live in the UK.

Can I have my alarm unit installed by an engineer?

Yes, we can arrange for your unit to be installed by an engineer, with the cost and speed of installation dependent upon where you live in the UK. Call a customer service adviser on 0345 603 4576 Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm to make a booking.

Will my equipment work if there is a power cut?

Yes, your unit will still work as it has a battery back-up which will power the unit for at least 24 hours. The unit will automatically call through to the Control Centre a short while after the power has been disconnected or if you have a power cut. This means that you will be able to speak to the operator even though the electricity supply is switched off.

Will my equipment work without a phoneline?

Unfortunately, if your telephone line is not working, then your Eldercare alarm will not be able to communicate with the Control Centre. You must ensure that your unit is plugged into the phone socket at all times..

What happens to the information that you hold about me?

The information that you provide to Eldercare is held securely and is only used when you contact us for assistance. We may need to share your information with agencies such as doctors or the emergency services.

Whenever you contact Eldercare, either by telephone or using your alarm, we record your call. The call recordings are kept and may be used to protect our customers and operators. All recordings are held securely in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you were to request a copy, we would send you the information that you provided on your application form, a current client record print and a call history, including the actions that had been taken in response to a request for assistance.

I am thinking of changing my telephone provider, will my equipment still work?

Sometimes, Eldercare alarm units will not work properly if the phoneline is provided by a company other than British Telecom. If you are considering changing your telephone provider then please contact our Customer Service Team on 0345 6034576 and we will discuss the options with you.

How will people access my property in an emergency?

We ask you to make sure that access can be gained to your home, especially if you cannot answer the door yourself. You must ensure that either you have a key-safe or that there is a key-holder nearby who will always be available and that the keys you supply will open the door.

You will also need to make sure that there are no hazards on your property, both inside and outside, such as dangerous animals. It is most important that you make sure we can always gain access. Only use locks that the keys you supply will open, and do not make use of chains or bolts that prevent services gaining entry. You can of course have a chain that you put on before you open the door so that you can check who is calling.

We, or the emergency services, may need to enter if we receive an alarm call. If we cannot gain entry by key, we may have to arrange forced entry to make sure you are alright. We will not be responsible for any damage caused in this way or costs incurred due to damage caused to affect an entry.

What if you cannot contact me?

If we cannot make contact with you through the alarm, or by phone, we will call your named contacts and ask them to ensure you are well.If this is not successful, we may send our Mobile Support officers to check on the situation, if you are in receipt of our Mobile Response service.As your well-being is the most important consideration, if all other means of contacting you fail, we will call the emergency services and police, who may have to make a forced entry if a key is not available.We will not be responsible for any damage caused in this way or costs incurred due to damage caused to affect an entry.

What if I activate my alarm by mistake?

If you activate your alarm by mistake then don’t worry! Simply let the unit connect to our Control Centre and tell the operator that all is fine. If you have any additional telecare equipment, such as a fall detector or smoke detector, which are repeatedly putting through false activations, then contact our Customer Service Team on 0345 6034576 who will advise you on what to do.