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Jim & Elsie

Jim and Elsie live in their own house and are both 82. Elsie suffers with dementia and Jim is her main carer. Recently Elsie has become more confused and has started to wander from the property at night time. Jim is extremely tired as he is struggling to sleep due to his concern about his wife’s safety.

We installed a property exit sensor on the front door of the property which is linked to a carer pager that Jim takes to bed with him. This means that as soon as the front door is opened, the carer pager will beep and wake Jim up so that he can go to Elsie and prevent her from leaving their property.

Since having the equipment installed Jim has reported that he is sleeping much better knowing that he will be woken should his wife attempt to leave the house. Elsie is much safer as she is no longer at risk of wandering outside during the night.

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