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Mary is 79 years old and lives alone in her bungalow. Mary has always enjoyed being green-fingered and is very proud of her garden, however she recently fell whilst pruning her roses and was unable to get herself back up. Mary lay in the garden for over 3 hours until her neighbour heard her calling over the garden fence when he returned home from work.

Following a short stay in hospital, Mary returned home but was very reluctant to go out into the garden in case she fell again and was unable to summon for help. Her family were very concerned as she seemed to be losing her confidence and independence.

We provided Mary with a personal alarm for her to wear at all times whilst at home. This means that if she falls or needs help at any time, she simply has to press the button and we will ensure that somebody is soon with her.

Mary feels much safer and more confident since getting her personal alarm and her family are very reassured. Mary is back in the garden that she loves and hopes to be able to remain there for many years to come.

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