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Roy is 86 years old, living alone since the death of his wife a few years ago. Roy is very active and independent, however he has recently been suffering from a condition that can cause him to black-out and fall unconscious to the floor without warning. Roy is keen to stay living at home for as long as possible but he and his family are very anxious that he may not be able to summon for help should he need it.

We provided Roy with a wrist-worn fall detector that will automatically send a message through to Eldercare’s Emergency Control Centre should he have a fall at any time. We have also provided a bed exit monitor, so that an alarm will be raised if he is out of bed for more than 20 minutes between the hours of 10pm and 8am. This will prevent Roy from being left lying on the floor should he fall whilst out of bed during the night.

Since having the equipment installed, Roy and his family feel much more confident and reassured knowing that if he needs help or assistance at any time, Eldercare will always be there.

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